Welcome to Customer Communication Management Services (CCMS)


OpenText™ Exstream (formerly HP Exstream) Document Composition, Customer Communications & GDPR Specialists


Helping you communicate with your customers via email, sms, printed mail & online, in a compliant, secure manner, using trusted solutions.


Utilising modern document composition technologies – OpenText™ Exstream, GMC Inspire, Sefas, Smart Communications – along with CMS, workflow & multi-channel delivery is essential in meeting these goals.


CCMS have worked with a wide range of technology providers, partners & clients to deliver intelligent, functional & maintainable communication solutions (statements, billing / invoicing, sales & servicing, contractual, legal etc.) along with significant business benefits & cost savings.


From building on existing technology and workflow through to complete greenfield roll-out, we support & deliver, for you and your customers.


CCMS – How can we help

We have over 17 years experience in Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Communications, OpenText Exstream Document Composition, Command Centre & Workflow. We can offer:


  • OpenText™ Exstream consultancy, development, deployment & roll-out.
  • Full Document Workflow design & implementation.
  • Stakeholder engagement and requirement analysis.
  • IS & Operational Engagement.
  • IBM Mainframe, Linux / Unix & Windows platform support.
  • Software audit & knowledge transfer.
  • Staff training & migration solutions.
  • IT & data security audit & best practice advice, certified GDPR practioners.
  • Rapid, accurate delivery of change.


We have a proven track record in supporting our clients with these challenges across a variety of sectors, including Financial, Commercial, Local Government & Utilities.


Our partners


Titio – Customer Communication Technology Specialists


Prinova – Communication technologists responsible for the MessagePoint product


THE WEB ENGINEER – Website Design and Development based out of Birmingham,  UK.


Levon Software – Creators of the HTML compare utility, an invaluable resource for email / web development


Developer resources

Notepad++ | AFP Explorer | IBM AFP Analyser | WinAFP | WinSCP FTP Client | 7zip file compression | BTB AFP Viewer | SOAP & REST API Testing


Useful Doc’ Comp’ Links

OpenText Site | GMC Inspire | Sefas | Pitney Bowes


Print service providers

Communisis | DST | MBA | CFH | Opus Trust Marketing | RR Donnelly

Our Skill Set

  • OpenText Exstream
  • Workflow
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Pitney Bowes PI / Emtex VIP
  • Elixir
  • IBM Mainframe, Windows Server 2012, Linux/Unix Platforms
  • GDPR Practitioner

Technical Services

  • System Health Check Audit
  • Intelligent Document Design & Build
  • Composition Solution Integration
  • System Support
  • System & Software Migration


43 Cockhill
BA14 9BG


mobile: 07801 053 710