Customer Communication Management Services Ltd

We’ve been in the customer communication (Host2Post) & Document Composition game since circa 1996, working for large BPO organisations initially, then branching out on our own.


We currently have vast experience in the OpenText Exstream product (formerly HP Exstream) and associated input, output, workflow modules, along with Command Centre & other ‘watched dir’, ‘Cron schedule’, ‘Automation’ tools, across IBM, Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.


Whatever your project requirements, if you’ve got Exstream, we can help you.  In fact, given our experience, even if you haven’t got Exstream, we understand the challenges you face & can probably help you. Drop us a line, let’s see.



Once upon a time…

Back in the late 90’s we were playing around on IBM MVS Mainframes running OS390-OSZ, fiddling with FCB’s & TN/QN character bands, whilst also tinkering with ICL VME Mainframes, Funasset boxes & Gandlake, Channel cables, Channel extenders, token ring networks, magnetic reel tapes, Xerox 4135 / 4890 DSR’s, Oce / IBM / SET continuous laser printers, JCL, PSF, ISPF, SDSF, JSL’s, JDE’s & DJDE’s, Elixir Suite & various AFPLibs.  Great times.


By the earliest 00’s we had new document composition toys in the form of Emtex VIP & the early edition of Exstream Dialogue, SQL Server & Windows Server 2003, plus some new hardware & new customers.


In the mid 00’s we were doing consultancy in Exstream & beginning to travel a bit & see what could be done, with early rumblings of the drive to digital.


2007 became full time Exstream Dialogue consultancy & solutions architecture, branching out into utilities & BPO support.  Cross skilling into UNIX / LINUX.


2008 – HP bought out Exstream, Dialogue was no more, enter HP Exstream.


2008-2016 – Hundreds of Exstream app’s created, millions of customer communications delivered successfully, to multiple channels, with all of the required architecture designed, built & rolled-out to support this.